OPF Girls HSS Rawalpindi


OPF Girls School was established in 1997 in a rented building with the main aim of providing quality education to young students, especially children of OPs. Overseas Pakistanis faced and are still facing acute problem in the matter of bringing up their children. The otherwise excellent secular education available to them in foreign lands is quite valuable in its own way, but it leaves their children uninitiated in the fine creed and the sublime concepts of their own faith. This situation called for an earnest remedy. A wide-spread, persistent demand arose among Overseas Pakistanis that arrangements should be made within Pakistan for education of their children so as to provide them with the secular education of the standard available in the foreign schools and infuse into them the spiritual and national ideals that would nurture them into well integrated, professing and practicing Muslims, fully capable of playing their rightful in a modern Muslim Society. The demand was particularly strong for making arrangements of the education of Overseas Pakistani girls since it was felt that it is girls that are the fount and guardian of social, cultural, ethical and moral values. In view of the individual importance and the national significance of this genuine demand, the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation established an educational institution fulfilling the aspirations of the Overseas Pakistanis. In 1998, Government of Punjab donated 23 kanals plot for the construction of present marvelous campus which was handed over in 2013 to the institution. It is equipped with state of the art building and imposing infrastructure, staffed by experienced faculty and inspired by its noble mission, the college offers ideal environment to the students, where they can equip themselves with requisite knowledge base, and utilize their energies to prepare themselves intellectually, morally and physically to face the challenges of modern times with enthusiasm and courage. In addition to imparting formal academic education to the students, OPF Girls College,Rawalpindi provides them with ample opportunities to exploit their innate talent to polish their creative, artistic and leadership skills.

OPF Girls HSS Rawalpindi
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OPF Girls College C-Block Satellite Town Rawalpindi
+92 51 4927094 &

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