Fee Policies

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  • The college dues are payable bimonthly. It should only be deposited in the Askari Bank, Satellite Town Branch Rawalpindi. Payment will not be accepted by the accounts section OPF Girls College Rawalpindi, under any circumstances.
  •  Amounts of fee once paid are not refundable and the manner of their spending is not accountable to parents.
  •  Dues must be paid in full through bank draft (marked payee's account only) before the date mentioned in the Fee Slip.
  •  No student is allowed to sit for a school examination, unless her accounts are settled in full before the date on which the examination is due to commence. For student, who takes the examination, fees must be paid up to the end of the calendar month in which their examination finishes.
  •  If dues are not paid by the due date a fine will be charged. In case of non-payment of dues within first twenty days, readmission charges will be applicable.
  •  In case of withdrawal by a parent/guardian, the students will have to pay the full fee for the term in which he/she is withdrawn.
Subject to change without any prior notice.
  • 50% concession in tuition fee is allowed up to maximum for two children having valid Overseas Pakistanis membership card.
  • Brother / Sister Concession in tuition fee is 10% for only one child.

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