Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

College has laid down a code of conduct for all students at the campus. This code is meant to ensure high moral standards and an academic atmosphere of peace and harmony. These rules are:

  •  Students must attend at least 80% of the attendance in each of the respective subject; failing otherwise they will not be allowed to sit in the examination.
  •  Every student is required to appear in all examinations.
  •  A student, found using unfair means in test/examination, will be disqualified.
  •  Students should be punctual and regular in attending school. A student, who remains absent from school for five consecutive days without sending an application, is liable to have her name struck off from the college roll.
  •  Leave, except on medical grounds, should not exceed 10 days.
  •  Students, suffering from contagious or infectious diseases, are not permitted to attend classes.
  •  The Principal has full authority to fine, punish or ask any student to leave the school, if at any time, she feels that the student's stay in the school is not in the interest of the student or the institution. The decision taken by the Principal in all disciplinary cases is and cannot be challengeds.
  •  Any wilful damage or vandalism of the school building, furniture, library books or any other property of the school is forbidden. Any student responsible for any such act will be dealt with severely and will be charged a fine according to the damage caused.
  •  Wearing of gold or artificial jewellery, coming to school with make up or nail polish is strictly forbidden in the school.
  •  Students may use the facility of the school canteen on payment during the break.
  •  No demonstration or strikes be called, organized or held at all within the college campus otherwise strict disciplinary action will be taken.
  •  During college timings students are not allowed to leave school premises without the prior permission of the Principal.
  •  Mobile phones are not allowed in the school under any circumstances. A student found in possession of one will be fined Rs. 1OOO/- and the phone will be confiscated. She will be issued disciplinary warning as well.
  •  A student served with three disciplinary warnings can be expelled/suspended by the college administration.

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